What to look forward to in April 2015

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April 2015

The following titles are scheduled for release this month: CAPTAINS MALICIOUS (the start of a new science fiction series, co-authored with bestselling author T.R. Harris), and ERRANT KNIGHT. Captains Malicious is essentially written, but Tom and I are pitching it back and forth at this stage, editing and tightening it up. It should be released sometime in the next week to ten days. Errant Knight is almost done. I simply have to write the finale and make a run back through. I should be putting this title out before April is done, if all goes well and right. Next up on the horizon is, of course, the book everyone (including Sallie) has been waiting for–DESPERATE CRIMES, Bill Travis #11. I’ll get ‘er done, I promise. After that, I’ll probably be diving into Bill Travis #12 (just to prove to both myself and you that I CAN get out the next Omnibus (#3).

Looming just over that horizon is the sequel to LONG FALL FROM HEAVEN, which is tentatively entitled BOLAND’S WAR. I know some of you have been waiting for that book. I wasn’t sure if I could write it, now that Milton is gone, but I’ve been thinking about him lately, and when I do I think about the characters. The sequel will be both sequel and prequel together as one. We’ll race forward to almost the present day and then jump back to the mid 1970s (just like I’m presently doing with SENTINEL IN ELYSIUM, the prequel to MURDER IN ELYSIUM), and relate the back story to both C.C. “Cueball” Boland and Micah Lanscomb, and the events that shaped these two men, and the single event from those early days they share in common, even though neither knew the other. The story promises to be a tour de force.

Also, as hinted at above, I’ll be finalizing and polishing up SENTINEL IN ELYSIUM, which is indeed a prequel. SENTINEL will leap back in time before the Delores Fogel murder, all the way to 1975, and chronicle Michael Lee “Mucho Love” Harper’s tenure as Elysium’s Chief of Police, and why he will never hold that position again. I will tell you that I am actively writing this manuscript, and it feels like the most honest thing I’ve ever written. It isn’t coming in fits and starts, but instead, whenever I manage to clear my desk of other things, I pull it up, read the last paragraph or two from the previous writing session, then sit back and watch the story flow out. It’s like I say in my videos–honey flowing out of a barrel. It feels good and right. I get to watch these characters–and you know most of them if you’ve read MURDER IN ELYSIUM–and get to see “who they were” before they became “who they are”. As you probably know, the only person who gets to read it all fresh off the hopper is my Sallie. She is loving it, and she doesn’t always love what I write. I try to tell her–in those odd silences where I realize she isn’t buying the story–that I have little to do with what comes out on the page, but I’m not sure she buys that, either.

The future? Never know. Somewhere amidst all this, Robert A. “Robbie” Taylor and I will bang out VINDICATORS 2, yet another science fiction. Also, I’ve got a science fiction tome coming called PANTHEON. And then there is a pure horror entitled COTTONWOOD. When I think of it, I get chills. And one of these days, I promise, I’ll write a western.

There are a lot of changes going on in my life, as well as my fiction. First of all, I had a little set-to with the grim reaper recently, and decided I didn’t like the cut of his jib. So, I’ve altered my lifestyle accordingly. I’m feeling better now than I’ve felt in the last twenty years, and that’s saying quite a bit. Aside from that, we’re having new tile laid upstairs. I had to move my office from the loft into the library. It’s quiter in here, and I’m literally surrounded by thousands of books. I kind of like that.

Alright, this little update is turning into its own literary work, so I’d best sign off. I thought, though, that I’d keep you in loop. You know, let you know how it’s going. It’s going, I promise you, and I’m working to keep it so. Hey, it’s my job.

Love you folks. Take care, and all the Best to you and yours.


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