A Little Note On Writing

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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This is a little note on writing. Bear with me. I may ramble and meander a bit like a drunken Scotsman, but I know the general direction of home, and I’ll get there.

Austin Rain

It’s been raining of late. Also, it’s been cold, but for one or two days of sunshine out of about the last forty. That is to say, the weather has been approaching Biblical proportions. Like everyone, I’ve been out in it, driving around, looking for the limits of visibility in the close quarters the world seems to have become, and, as happens, I got to wondering. Writers do that, they wonder. Also, they wander, both physically and mentally. During my wanderings recently—and my wonderings during my wanderings—I got to thinking about the kind of person who could live in such weather. I mean, someone who could flourish and prosper in it and not bat an eye. The kind of person who would listen to everyone else bitching and moaning about the weather and about life and just nod in all the right places, but still, inside, he’s thinking to himself, “What the hell are you talking about, Cuz? This is paradise!” That kind of fellow. So I was driving along, looking at the slate gray sky and the steady, relentless downpour—what my daddy used to call the drizzlin’ sh**s—and I knew…I knew down in my bones that these forty-odd days of sturm and drang and high utility bills were here so I could write a book about them and about this guy. This guy, I decided, I knew his frickin’ name. I knew his occupation. And also, I knew the title of the book.

Now hold on. Ya’ll know I’ve got way too many books in the hopper and I seriously cannot afford to go off the rails chasing will ‘o wisps—I mean, this railroad has to have an on-the-job engineer. It’s gotta have a brakeman. Someone’s gotta pull that chain and split the night with that damned three thousand decibel horn whenever this line of cars approaches a busy intersection. That’s me, ‘cause, let me tell you, nobody else is gonna do it! No sir. But…here’s the thing. I’m not so sure I can get this rainy-day character and his world out of my head. I mean, he’s now renting space back there in the cob-webby loft I call my head, and there are anti-eviction laws on the books. You just can’t ignore those, you know, unless you’ve got a great lawyer and enough money laid by to keep him in beer and skittles—of which I’ve got loads of neither.

So here’s the deal. I’ll lay my cards on the table and let you look ‘em over. This guy’s name is Jim Rain. He’s a bounty hunter working and living in Austin, Texas. His first book is called Cold Rain. Now doesn’t that give you goosebumps? I mean, you’ve seen this guy on the street! And hell no, you didn’t for a moment consider talking to him. But let me tell you, if you had considered it, and if you had—perish the thought—actually spoken with him and then listened to him, I believe that you’d find out there’s a whole other world existing alongside your own of which you’ve never had an inkling. A complete other viewpoint, I tell ya.

I think I’m going to write about him, about good ol’ Jim Rain, or at least give him a start; sort of let him out of the gate. I’ll let him tell you his story the way only he can. Because, let me tell you, he’s got a whopper of a story to tell.

Okay, I suppose I’m to the house now. Sallie left the light on for me and I may as well kick the mud off of my shoes and go inside where it’s nice and warm.

I thought I’d share this with you folks, seeing as how I tell ya’ll everything.

Okay, that’s it. All the best to you and yours.


  1. garilyn says:

    Waiting impatiently for the first book now 🙂

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