Essential Elements To Success (At Least Three Of Them)

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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With regard to number of projects and getting production out,

I have found that there are three (at least) essential elements to success.

They are as follows: 1) complete cycles of action, 2) correctly estimate effort, 3) push past the half-way point, then keep pushing.

This goes back to when I was a kid and mowed lawns for a living. My parents didn’t just give me money–I had to earn it on my own. So, I would have this huge lawn to do, an acre or more, and usually the grass was high and it was the growing season and the sun was shining overhead and I was sweating like a stuck pig.

I would start out and complete a row or two, and then I could begin to estimate the overall effort required. I’d estimate the number of rows and set that figure in my mind. Then I would divide that number in half and push like hell to get to that point. When I was at or past the half-way point, I’d take the number of rows left over and divide them in half, then push like hell to do that half. Then I’d halve it again and push all over again.

As you get nearer the end of something, it actually gets easier. You start to feel better, both about the job and about yourself. When you’re done, there is no better feeling. I apply that these days to writing. I apply it to paying the bills. I apply it to almost everything. It’s an equation, and it works. I thought I’d share that.


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