Sentinel In Elysium (Coming Soon)

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Here’s the inside skinny on Sentinel In Elysium: (You heard it here first!)

It’s 1975, two years before the murder of Delores Fogel shocked the Central Texas town of Elysium, setting up the chain of events that would lead to the post-millennium conclusion to the mystery in Murder In Elysium. Michael Lee “Mucho Love” Harper, Elysium’s Chief of Police, has a double-murder on his hands–but this is the strangest killing of his career. The Childresses were wealthy and they had their fingers in every slice of local pie. They were, however, hermits, hoarders, and the owners of a chain of funeral parlors that stretched from the Gulf Coast to El Paso. Mucho Love, Elysium’s sentinel, must delve into the minds of the killer and the victims if he intends to keep his job–a monumental task, because the powers-that-be want anything but a resolution.


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