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I’m putting the final touches on my anthology. The other day I got this dynamic Foreword from my friend Steven Thomas, so in advance of the book’s release here in a few days, I decided to post his Foreword here. Steven is a bit shy. He’s a poet, with both the heart and mind of a poet. Here are his words:


By Steven Thomas

I was lying flat on my back, sick as a dog, for three days when suddenly I got a call from George Wier. I had the phone off so it went straight to voice mail.

“Steven Thomas,” the voice said. “This is George Wier. I was just really concerned because I hadn’t heard from you in awhile. Give me a call back, okay?”

I met George on-line through a writer’s group and we became fast friends. I was privy to his on-line quips, and it was good stuff. This guy is great! I thought. It was like being friends with Gene Simmons without knowing who KISS was. Then suddenly, he emailed me the first draft of 1889: Journey To The Moon. And I was blown away.

I had no idea my absence of three days would cause such a ruckus. I mean, this was GEORGE WIER! Sure, we were friends, but now I was also a fan.

I consider George to be one of the best up-and-coming authors of our time. And here he was, phoning ME. It is one thing to chat back and forth via the internet, but hearing his voice on the phone drove the realization home that indeed, we were friends, and he was genuinely concerned about me. Such is the heart and compassion of George Wier.

Chances are you are already familiar with his work. The Bill Travis Mysteries, 1889: Journey To The Moon. So you don’t need me to tell you how good he is. But you probably have not read these short stories, and that is what makes this book so incredibly unique.

What I can tell you about these stories is that every single one of them is a winner! And each one could—no, should, be a movie. That is how George Wier writes.

Steven M. Thomas
October 2014


Kind words, Steven. I can’t thank you enough.


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