Late Night Scribbles.

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This may be the start of something. I woke up and had to get up and write this down. I hate it when that happens:

I’m calling this “The Tribe”.

Specimen #22 A-1959.

Report: Cassette number 22, side A, which is the first cassette discovered from the Narwhal Expedition, which set out from Newfoundland on October 1, 1958 in an attempt to find a narwhal specimen for the Royal Museum. Seven men and two women comprised the original expedition. They have never been found, nor has the wreckage of the Occident, the four-hundred tonne ice-breaker frigate which was the expedition’s sole transport. The cassettes were found in a hut on the northern coast of Quittinirpaaq Island on the Artic Sea. The recording equipment and the cassettes obtained from the hut have been proven by serial number to be the registered equipment of the Expedition. Notably, the recording devices and the tapes were originally calibrated to the ultra high frequency of whale song. Had the sounds contained on the tape been made upon a standard magnetic cassette, they would not have been recorded. It is believed that the ice, which may well have taken the lives of the original expedition, is responsible for the pristine condition of the tapes. Tape #22, side A, is the final cassette of the batch, and was in the housing of the AC Delco tape recorder that was to be used by the expedition for recording whale song. The Crown will not release these tapes to the public or to any foreign power.

Below is a transcript of this last tape. Note that the voice is sonorous and slow, as if practiced. It is believed that the speaker is female, from nothing other than the contents of the recording alone.

“ ‘…And Tiamat ruled the Tribe for thirty-three and ten thousand years ere she fell, and the Tribe splintered, but the Tribe is never lost.’ ”

“This is the last of the speaking wafers, so it is fitting that it begin with the last line of our oral scripture. The words are like fire in my mind, here in the frozen wasteland. The cold could never touch us, however, and we have retreated here, though some still walk among you. This act, this message, were it known by the Tribe, would result in my banishment forever. But then I am already banished, after a fashion. Time is not marked by calendar or watch among us, nor by the rising or setting of the sun. It is simply…forgotten.

“If it is a mortal hearing these words, then you hear the words of the immortals. It is said the gods cannot die. But where are they, I ask? Where are the old ones?


Spooky, neh? We’ll see where it goes.


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