Author’s Note for After The Fire

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The Author’s Note for AFTER THE FIRE, for those interested.


I wrote this book perhaps fifty times in my mind and made half a dozen attempts on paper. For those of you who have been awaiting this book for the last two years; while I’m almost certain you would like an explanation—you may as well call it an excuse—as to why it took me so long, I think what you would prefer more would be the next Bill Travis Mystery, sooner rather than later. All right, I’m working on Ghost of the Karankawa, Bill Travis #10, as I write this, and the thing is well underway. Without going into a long song and dance about why it took so long, I want to direct your attention, if you please, to some other books written by Yours Truly during that time. The first is Long Fall From Heaven, a book which I co-authored with the late Milton T. Burton, my friend and comrade who passed away at the end of November 2011. Long Fall is a mystery. It’s darker than any of the Bill Travis books, even Death on the Pedernales. The book is available through Amazon and other outlets as an ebook and if not in actual stock on the bookstore shelves, it can be ordered through bookstores as a trade paperback. It’s a beautiful volume, and I think you will enjoy it.

In the meantime, I also penned Murder In Elysium, which should be available in bookstores across the nation some time in 2015. While it is not a Bill Travis mystery, it is some of my best work.

This last summer I also co-authored the start of a science-fiction series entitled The Vindicators with my life-long friend, author Robert A. “Robbie” Taylor. The Vindicators—Book One: Last Defense is all action and adventure in outer space, but in present time. We are working on The Vindictors—Book Two: Parsec at the moment, and it should be out shortly.

I have also co-written a book with fellow mystery writer Billy Kring—author of the excellent books Quick and Outlaw Road, what are otherwise known as the Hunter Kincaid Mysteries (I didn’t know until recently that Billy mentions me in Outlaw Road. You could have knocked me over with a feather. His main character, Hunter Kincaid, goes upstairs and climbs in bed and reads a book by George Wier). This last fall and winter, Billy and I co-authored a tome of steampunk fiction entitled 1889: Journey to the Moon, the first in a four-part series we’re calling The Far Journey Chronicles. It was a romp! One of the dadblamedest fun times I’ve ever had writing anything. Needless to say, we’re currently working on the sequel, which is entitled 1899: Journey to Mars. These books are so “out there” and so strange, and yet they are so enjoyable to write that I proposed—and the idea was quickly nixed—that we go ahead and put the book out and pay you good folks to read it. I mean, come on! That kind of fun should be illegal! And to top it all off, we have procured the best book and film agent on the planet, with the fond hopes that the concept can be marketed as a book/movie tie-in/graphic novel/video game all rolled into one neat package.

So, I guess that’s it. I am working. I’m not just dawdling along. It’s my sad malady that I must work on up to six or seven books at a time, and so that sometimes slows down the release of any one book. But two years, you might ask! Yep. Two years.

Okay, I suppose that’s it for now.

To my long-suffering friends out there who have been patiently awaiting this current volume, all I can say is, I’m sincerely sorry it took me so long. But, I do hope the wait was worth it.

All the Best!

George Wier
Austin, Texas
June 30, 2014

  1. Lily Lawson says:

    You have a lovely writing style. I would probably enjoy reading anything you write.

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