Titling Troubles

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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(Tongue-in-cheek) Sallie and I discussed the possibility of changing the title to Murder In Elysium based upon the thought that some folks may not understand the meaning of “Elysium” (which is an ancient term meaning “Heaven”). Therefore, we came up with the following alternative titles:

Murder In Elysium, Texas
Murder In Elysium, USA
Murder In Elysium Village
Murder In Elysium Township

which prompted the thought, “You know, some people could be offended by the word ‘murder’ “, which prompted a host of other possibilities, including,

Bad Things In Elysium City
Unpleasantness In Elysium City
Not Good

But these titles are too reminiscent of John Saul’s “The Bad Place” (actual title from the 1980s). It began to look like I may have to go back to the original title, which was “The Evil That Men Do” (changed because of the (also) 1980s film of the same name starring Charles Bronson). The variations, therefore, abound, including:

The Not Good Things that Some People Could Do
Unpleasant People (Because No One is Truly Evil)
He Did It Anyway
He Actually Did It, Even Though He Knew He Shouldn’t
The (BLEEP) That Some Won’t Admit To

No. These are all a bit…depressing. An uplifting title is what is needed here, possibly, with the subtext of what the book is about in the subtitle where it belongs. Therefore:

The Lovely Month of May — A Mystery
The Spirit of Spring — A Crime Novel
Yearning For Freedom — A Tragedy of Epic Proportions

As you can see, it degenerates from there. What’s a fellow to do?


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