The Power of Thoughts and Wishes

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Here’s a couple of interesting items about the power of thoughts and wishes.


First, when I was in driver’s ed in high school, the first car I drove was a 1982 Oldsmobile Regency, orange, 4-door, brown vinyl top. I loved the smooth ride of the car. During one our drives around town in it as a student driver, I made a decision and stated it. I said, “I really like this car. This is the car I want.” Okay, now fast-forward to 1995. I was married to this girl and she’d just gotten in a wreck and totaled her car. Her parents went and bought themselves a new car and gave their car to us. A 1982 Olds Regency, orange, 4-door, brown vinyl top. A few years down the road, I asked my then father-in-law where he’d gotten the car. He told me he bought it at auction from Bryan High School. It had been a student driver car. It was the EXACT SAME car. Not only that, but those old folks hadn’t driven it far at all. I mean, they kept it in MINT CONDITION. I got what I asked for.

Here’s another one. We used to have a bookstore in the mall in Bryan, Texas called the Fifth Avenue Book Shop. I would go there on a Saturday long about 1979 or so, and I would lust after the Ballantine publication in paperback of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Let me tell you, I picked up all four of those books off the shelf once, smelled them, looked at their brand new covers and said aloud, “I’m getting these books!” I didn’t have a dime in my pocket, so needless to say, it didn’t happen…then. About 8 years ago I was in the Half Price Bookstore in Austin and ran across The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, same printing/publication date, but they were in MINT CONDITION–as if NO TIME had passed. I bought them immediately and put them in plastic. Once I did I sat and stared at them in my room at home and then it dawned on me. I remembered what I had said in the bookstore. I knew these were those exact same books.

The lesson here is, ask and you shall receive. So, be damned careful what you ask for.


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