Too Many Projects…

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
Sometimes it seems like too many projects at once, but then again, I would be bored otherwise. Almost done proofing THE VINDICATORS for a Monday or Tuesday release. 1889: JOURNEY TO THE MOON is progressing well, and I am digging my co-author’s fantastic writing. The redraft of MURDER IN ELYSIUM proceedeth. The last cuts of the trade paperback of SLOW FALLING are coming along–it’ll be ready for publication next week as well. I am still slogging away on AFTER THE FIRE and BOLAND’S WAR, two sequel/series books. A number of booksignings are lined up for October and November, including the Texas Book Festival and Weird West Fest, both of which are going to be a hoot. So, things are moving.

Below is a general description of THE VINDICATORS. I’m afraid even IT will have to go under the knife (editing pencil):

“Michael Thorn is a problem to himself, his family and everyone around him. It runs far more deeply than that, however. When Michael is around ships sink, stock markets crash, and everything in general goes wrong. In essence, nothing is safe. But Michael, cast off by his wealthy family to wander the globe, may be mankind’s last hope.

Man has deadly enemies out among the stars–enemies who wield overwhelming power. The galaxy may be large, but is there room enough for both an alien race consumed by greed and a helpless planet ripe for plunder–the Earth?

This novella, the first in a bold, unique new Science Fiction series, poses a question–dare anyone be left behind? The answer is both simple and startling. If mankind’s last hope rests upon the forgotten, then who will stand to vindicate humanity?”

Thought ya’ll should know what’s brewin’. Carry on.


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