An excerpt from “Murder In Elysium”:

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Excerpts
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“I was at the Indian Head.”
The Indian Head was no longer the Indian Head. It was an old tourist court motel across the highway from the Municipal Airport, bought and sold and bought again over the years until it came into the hands of an emaciated-looking Pakistani named Koothrapally, who, according to legend, was so averse to the sign out front that thrust itself seventy feet into the air that he climbed it the night after the real estate closing and dynamited it to Kingdom come. Truth be told, the sign had not said “The Indian Head” but simply bore the cartoon-ish image of a portly Sikh complete with beehive turban and with his fat legs crossed atop a flying carpet, supposedly giving passersby the impression that one would sleep in the beds of the establishment as if they were floating among the clouds. But among locals the place was and forever after will be “The Indian Head,” dynamite-toting Pakistani hostlers notwithstanding.


Just a taste.


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